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Vietnam: the group currently has a representative office in Hanoi, Vietnam. Its main business in Vietnam includes exporting coke and metallurgical products, purchasing agricultural products and food, etc;

Indonesia: the group's main business in Indonesia at present includes power coal / metallurgical coal / iron ore / bauxite / glass sand / cement raw material / steel / scrap and complete mechanical and electrical equipment, etc;

Malaysia: Currently, the group's main trading businesses in Malaysia include iron ore / manganese ore / bauxite / Hesha and some agricultural and food businesses;

Japan: the group's purchasing and domestic distribution business of consumer goods in Japan has a history of about 10 years. At present, it also carries out business cooperation between bulk commodities and major Japanese companies, including Sumitomo / Itochu / Nippon Steel / OKAYA, etc;

South Korea: the group currently supplies metallurgical raw materials to the South Korean market, including non-ferrous ore / steel / stainless steel / pig iron, etc., with POSCO as its main customer. The group also actively develops consumer market business and cooperates with many domestic enterprises to purchase consumer brand products in South Korea;

India: the group's current market in India is mainly iron ore and other metallurgical products;

Pakistan: the Group actively develops cooperation in Pakistan's local power plants;

Middle East: energy, oil, gas and petrochemicals related trading and investment opportunities in the Middle East are currently the focus of the group. The gas products we sell to the Middle East include steel, building materials and food, etc;

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