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HUIHAI CAPITAL LIMITED is the flagship company of Huihai group's Cross border trading services. The company is registered in Hong Kong and mainly serves corporate customers in mainland China and Asia. He provides these corporate customers with capital settlement pallets related to cross-border commodity trade, asset financing refinancing and off balance sheet services related to cross-border asset trading. The company started operation in 2013 and has completed more than one capital settlement in total. 10 billion Hong Kong dollars, more than 3 billion Hong Kong dollars in asset related investment and financing business;

The business model of HUIHAI cross-border trading service is committed to creating value for customers from six dimensions of scale / cost / efficiency / risk / reporting / compliance. Some common services are introduced as follows:

Customer problems and market demands
Huihai's specific service plan
▪ How to make large-scale transactions under the condition of limited size of own capital?
▪ If we can get more leverage?To improve comprehensive income?
▪ In addition to bank financing to help do large-scale?What other channels are available for financing?
Huihai has its own quota and funds to help customers do large-scale business; Huihai can also dock with some third-party platform resources at the capital market level and the capital market level to help enterprise customers make large-scale transactions; For example, our middleman solution itself is a solution that can complete the transaction without middleman's contribution, which is the most popular service of structural financing;
▪ How to get lower financing cost?How to compare the main channel and comprehensive cost?
▪ How to get lower tax cost?How to optimize cross border transaction structure and avoid tax?
▪ How to get lower operation cost?How to operate outsourcing and cooperative operation?
Based on the platform of Hong Kong and Singapore, Huihai connects with the overseas capital market and obtains relatively low cost and stable financing cost; For example, our profit management and profit diversion programs help customers shift profits from high tax areas to low tax areas, thereby reducing tax costs;
▪ How to improve the efficiency of capital turnover in cross-border transaction business?
▪ How to improve the inventory turnover rate of cross border transaction business?
▪ How to optimize the structure of cross-border transactions and improve operational efficiency?
Huihai provides the buyer with deferred payment services, provides the supplier with port financing, receivables financing and other services, which are all effective ways to improve the customer's capital and inventory turnover, and ultimately achieve better ROE return and company operation efficiency;
▪ How to optimize the transaction structure to better manage the transaction risk?
▪ How to evaluate and manage counterparty risk? Market risk? Operational risk?
▪ What are the products and means that are usually avoided? How to combine?
Huihai helps to connect products and institutions that are best at hedging and managing these risks according to the attributes of different risks. For example, L / C financing has a global cooperative banking network. For example, factoring financing and purchasing agent can also match different institutions to help manage risks;
Report form
▪ How to arrange off balance sheet financing to improve the quality of the report? What are the specific plans?
▪ How to make business planning and structural arrangement for KPI assessment indicators?
▪ What are the tools for cross-border transaction services to help improve reporting and KPI indicators?
Huihai provides a variety of supporting services including off balance sheet financing / real debt of famous shares / non-performing divestiture / liquidity pool scheme / business construction and Implementation Based on report optimization and KPI index optimization, and coordinates with the index requirements of customer corporate governance;
▪ What are the compliance risks in the domestic market environment? What is the solution?
▪ What compliance risks are there in the overseas market environment? What is the solution?
▪ What are the compliance risks at the corporate governance level? What service plan is there?
Many customers can't do all kinds of things, such as entrepot trade, foreign exchange derivatives, product or regional restrictions, high commission, overseas business facing trade war and anti-dumping and so on. They can provide flexible solutions and complete the transaction through the third-party solutions provided by Huihai;

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