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The corporate culture and core values of Huihai Group are【Committment+Win-win+Loyalty+Diligence+Small-enterprise-spirit】

Committment means to advocate our company culture first【main business,straight,duty】That is to say, the company focuses on its core business, constantly strengthens its advantages of specialization and differentiation, constantly improves its corporate governance level, and is responsible for the society, the customers, the team and the shareholders in accordance with the law; each company's employees must also adhere to the company culture and do their own duties and work well;

Win-win means that our company's strategy advocates a win-win cultural concept. Only by creating value for customers can we create value for the team, and only by creating value for the team can the company go a long way. The construction of the company's organizational structure system also adheres to this concept, promoting the construction of internal and external partner systems, and organizing and motivating more excellent talents and teams for common purposes. Work hard;

Loyalty means that our employees highly recognize the corporate culture and core values, believe that the enterprise will provide them with development opportunities and future material and spiritual returns, devote themselves to work, integrate personal development into the enterprise development, consciously strive for the company's goals and vision, and always take the interests of the enterprise and the team as the basis for individual behavior decision-making.

Diligence is a kind of spiritual state based on love and dedication to work and career. Its essence is the spirit of hard work, dedication and excellence. The hard-working company culture requires our employees to strive for work, love work, and improve their professional level, and strive to become experts in the industry; on the other hand, it requires our employees to have a positive and hard-working spirit; keep a high working enthusiasm and a down-to-earth and hard-working style at all times.

The spirit of small enterprise means that every member of our team has a sense of ownership, does well in the management of the company from every detail, and consciously displays everyone's enthusiasm and initiative; at the same time, the spirit of small enterprise also means that in the management of the company, from the organization setting to the evaluation and assessment of each business department, it needs to implement this spirit, and further strengthen the enterprise from the system construction. Culture: no matter how big the enterprise is, the spirit of small enterprise cannot be lost, which is the guarantee of our steady operation and sustainable development.

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