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HR Concept

Our HR Concept is people-oriented, performance-oriented, committed to the common promotion of employee value and company value, and dedicated to the close connection between employee personal development and company development;

The early business of Huihai Group started from professional services, and the company's business was co-founded by specialized talents. Therefore, we always regard employees as the company's most valuable wealth, attach importance to the development and incentives of human resources, are willing to absorb the world's outstanding and potential talents, and hope that each employee can get good development in the company.

After years of accumulation and precipitation, Huihai Group has basically formed a Culture System that is contributed by the company's mission + company vision + company core values ​​+ HR concept. We hope that every employee highly understands and agrees with the company culture and these core values, and believes that the company will provide them with opportunities for development and future material spiritual rewards, devote themselves to work, and integrate personal development into corporate development. In the middle, we consciously work for the company's goals and vision, and always use the interests of the company and the team as the basis for personal behavior decisions. We also believe that with these corporate culture systems as the cornerstones, personal development team development and corporate development are closely linked, and the value of each employee is closely linked with the value of the company. We will be able to work together to create brilliant!

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